There are a lot of iOS app development companies available in the market. It seems the process of hiring app developer is easy, but actually to select a good iOS developer from the crowd is a difficult task. Thanks to the social media, that made the recruitment process easy, you can take an advantage of the social media to hire professionals for iOS development.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 crucial steps to hire an iOS developer.

Step 1: Know your project and decide whether to hire a fresher candidate or an experienced one:

First of all, you should have the complete knowledge of your project for which you are going to hire an iOS app developer. Analyze your project in detail and decide whether you require a fresher candidate or an experienced developer.


After deciding your project requirements proceed ahead and prepare job post containing the list of all the skills, a candidate should possess. Take your time in preparing the list of such skills, as you are going to post the requirement on the internet.

If you face any difficulty in preparing the list, take the help of others or simply search on the internet in order to get some idea.


As you are the employer, it is necessary that you should have the knowledge of the entire hiring process. You can set the number of phases (rounds) for the completion of the hiring process.

It is advised not to make the hiring app developer process too long, as it is a wastage of time. Moreover, in such a case, there is also a possibility that the candidates may lose their interest before the completion of the hiring process and do not finish all the rounds.


Step 2: Explore globally

The second step is to post the requirement on the internet. When it comes to skills, we should not limit yourselves to your own country. In order to find the best iOS app developers, you should explore the world.

Today, there are multiple job sites which you can consider for posting your requirement. But, it is better to post a requirement on the global websites as compared to the local ones.


The advantage of posting a job on the global websites is you will start getting responses from the jobseekers across the globe. You can also take an advantage of many freelancer websites for hiring app developer. On such websites, you can find the best iOS developers for your projects by viewing their ratings.

Apart from this, you can also use social media for hiring an iOS app developer. In today’s digital world, social media is one of the most important pillars of a successful business. You can use social media to hire iOS developers for both full-time and contractual projects.


Step 3: Judge the knowledge of an iOS developer

Knowledge matters. After selecting the candidates for your projects, the next step is to take a test in order to judge their knowledge. No matter, whether the candidate is experienced or a fresher, make the test compulsory for all. This test will work as a filter and help you shortlist the best candidate for your project. You can also set the duration of the test accordingly. As per the level of the candidates (fresher and experienced), set the level of the test (easy, moderate or high). You can also set the cut off marks (minimum marks) to qualify the exam. The minimum marks to qualify the exam acts as an additional filter in shortlisting the candidates for the next round. This not only also makes the recruitment process easy but also saves your precious time.

If a candidate is a fresher (having no prior work experience), he should have some knowledge about the profile for which he is going to be hired. Do not select the candidate having little knowledge.


Do note that this test is not only to judge the technical knowledge of a candidate but also their programming skills. Hence, the test should contain questions from the programming section of iOS too.

Step 4: Interview

After shortlisting the candidates in step 3, it’s time to conduct an interview. The interview plays an important role in the selection of the best candidates for the job. By conducting an interview, you will be able to know the strengths and weakness, areas of interest, etc. of a candidate, which you cannot know only by taking an exam. Besides this, you can also judge the technical knowledge of the candidate in a more effective way. You can also use the video conferencing software for conducting the interview, in case, the candidate belongs to other country or you want to hire app developer for freelance work.

In the interview, you can also judge the knowledge level and problem-solving skills of a candidate by giving him a task to solve within a definite period of time.


Also, you can test the technical knowledge such as programming skills of the candidates by giving them a program to write. You will also be able to know which programming languages are known by the candidate at his best.

If there are a number of candidates eligible for the interview, it is advised to give marks to the candidates as per their performance in the interview. This helps you select the candidates best suited for your project.


Step 5: Hire the best iOS developer for your project

It’s time to complete the recruitment process. On behalf of marks scored by candidates in technical test and interview, set a final cut off. This cut off will be the final filter for the entire recruitment process. The candidates who scored good marks in both technical test and technical interview round should be selected for the project. As per the number of vacancies, make a final list of iOS app developers in the descending order of their marks. Such a list contains only the best iOS developers to be hired for your project.

Here, the entire recruitment process ends.


You have to keep patience till the completion of the entire recruitment process, as you have to select the best iOS app developer for your project. Remember, good things take time.